Technology Introduction

Meta Republix is currently developing innovative, patentable next-generation NFT technologies called MIM2 to enable mixed-media reactive & responsive Metaverse Web3 interactivity for Gamefi and other types of next-generation NFTs.

These advanced Metaverse NFTs will be able to interact with & communicate with other NFTs in a specialized group or collection.

They will transform from one image to another ---

Be interactive & reactive --- Responsive to touch, sound or other preprogrammed instructions.

Best Features

Multi-payment, multi-format, multi-asset, updateable, and DRM


Meta Republix NFTs can be purchased without a digital wallet and includes a built-in "custodial wallet". Meta Republix NFTs can be purchased through shopping websites with any type of credit card or digital payment and the minting and selling is all done autonomously.


Meta Republix NFTs can be created from literally any media file, in any format; JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV and many more. The Meta Republix Platform is built on a next generation media processing backbone that handles encoding, transcoding, and storage through a decentralized network capable of processing media file sizes and video/audio clips (“modules”) of any length, from social media type clips to 4K feature-length videos.


Meta Republix NFTs incorporate “Multi-Media Modules” of single NFTs with any number of multi-media elements. Meta Republix NFTs become “containers”, capable of holding multiple assets all at once in a single module and can contain an unlimited number of these modules. No longer does one NFT equal just one photo or one video. Meta Republix NFTs include multiple videos, images, audio, text, etc., in limitless combinations, completely customizable, and with programmable access rules.


Creating updateable NFTs is a unique feature that makes Meta Republix NFTs dynamic versus static. After a Meta Republix NFT has been minted, or even after the NFT has been sold on a secondary market, Meta Republix can continue to add new media into the NFT, creating a persistent and evolving experience that continues to give additional value to the holder of that NFT over time.


Enables Meta Republix NFTs many viable options for setting flexible content permissions. Individual Meta Republix Multimedia Module elements may be locked or unlocked, and made viewable or not viewable, based on random or set date/time rules defined in the Meta Republix NFT’s smart contract.

Meta Republix NFTs

Meta Republix NFTs will be pre-programmed to incorporate and perform the following functions

  • Ping, address and manipulate NFTs remotely from a “central command”

  • Be sectioned into “groups”

  • Act independently within a “group”

  • Act as one cohesive “collective group”

  • Ping and communicate with other NFTs in their “group”

  • Contain and incorporate hidden video, audio, or text “modules”

  • Modules can be time activated and pre-programmed to display at certain future dates and times

  • Reactive and interactive based on touch or sound inputs

  • Activated and displayed via QR Codes

Central Command

NFTs can be pinged, addressed, and manipulated remotely from a “central command”

Administrators can remotely control the Meta Republix NFTs by

  • Pinging them to query their status and state

    Change their (individually or in groups) appearance or content

    Add or delete internal “modules”

    Ping NFT to play a certain module

    Set a preprogrammed date/time for a module to play

    Set NFT to a random state – NFT will then autonomously change, react and interact randomly based on internal software/commands arrange groups of NFTs into sections

Collective Group

NFTs can be sectioned into groups and either act independently within that group or all act as one cohesive “collective group”

  • Meta Republix NFT Group Control

    NFTs can be arranged into sectioned groups

    NFTs can be Pinged within that group to perform a certain action

    NFTs can be preprogrammed to act independently within their group

    NFTs can be preprogrammed to act collectively as a group

NFTs can incorporate hidden video, audio or text modules which are time activated and preprogrammed to display at certain future times and dates

Hidden Modules:

  • “Modules” which are time activated and pre-programmed to display at certain future times and dates
  • Multi-Media Modules are incorporated into the NFT “container”
  • Modules can either be date/time activated, activated upon a touch or sound input, manually activated or randomly activated by a pre-programmed “ping” or code
  • Modules can contain any type or combination of Multimedia photos, video, text, animation, gifs, audio, or music
  • The Multi-Media Modules can be any program length – short or long

NFTs can be reactive and interactive based on touch or sound inputs

Meta Republix NFTs Interaction:

  • Multi-Media Modules are incorporated into the NFT “container”
  • Can be pre-programmed to be reactive and interactive via various inputs; local or remote
  • Inputs can include touch (touchscreen), a predetermined sound, voice or word, an inaudible (to the human ear) sound or tone, or a reactive light or infrared signal, Bluetooth or RF signals, NFC /RFID modules or remote pings

NFTs can be activated and displayed via QR Codes

Meta Republix NFT Activation:

  • Specialized QR or Bar Codes
  • Sound or light “signals”
  • Bluetooth or RF
  • NFC or RFID
  • Remote Pings

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