Entertainment & GameFi NFT projects with Mystery, Magic, Illusions & Prizes

The Simulation Collective

The Simulation Collective is a Mystery Hunt for clues hidden within websites on the Internet, Pod casts, various NFTs & in real-world locations. To solve the mystery & illusions behind the Simulation, Players collect various NFT Clues to discover & uncover who is behind the Simulation (a celebrity Illusionist) to win prizes.

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The Magic TenT

The Magic TenT is an early Metaverse focused NFT project which is revolve "different Celebrity Magicians perform various NFT Magic Tricks." magic tricks. The magic tricks are based on blockchain technology and are encapsulated into special NFTs and minted on the Blockchain. These magic NFTs are interactive and change to reveal the finale of the trick or illusion.

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Star Trek NFT-Q

Star Trek NFT-Q: Gameified NFT Mystery Hunt the Internet to uncover clues and find five missing Starfleet Captains from various timelines who have been imprisoned in the Mirror Universe -which is connected to our Metaverse Block chain. (currently in early discussions with Paramount on NFT-Q and building a Star Trek Metaverse)

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Lifestyle NFT projects for Dating, Careers, Pets & Immortality


A unique and innovative new way to get hired. Users create their resume and life achievements through voice, text , photographs, videos & other Media. These various media components are assembled into a CV-NFT and minted on the Blockchain. They are then posted on a new type of NFT Marketplace, where prospective employers purchase the NFT of the desired candidates for any project, part-time or full-time positions. Once their HIRE-NFT is purchased by an employer, the employee is obligated to work and complete their service to the employer. (includes GameFi features)

NFT Your Pet

The pet industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Owners will do almost anything for their pets. The next craze in pet ownership will be to memorialize your pet on the Blockciain by having a custom made NFT of your pet created. Through an automated, step-by-step process, owners upload photos and videos of their pet, which transform into an NFT. (includes GameFi features)

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