Meta Republix, LLC., is a Metaverse Media content creation, technology and development lab. The Company conceptualizes, creates, and develops its own innovative Metaverse projects and technologies, but additionally, it is also contracted by other entities to create their custom proprietary projects.

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Meta Republix is currently developing an advanced, new next-generation form of NFTs called MIM2 – Metaverse Interactive Media Modules. Meta Republix’s new advanced form of NFTs transforms the old version, static NFTs into a highly interactive and reactive media container, which is capable of “housing” numerous Media Modules of images, video, audio, text and other digital information. These Media Modules can interact and react with and to one another. Based on their interactions they can also combine and form a completely different and new MIM NFT or based on pre-programmed instructions, they can autonomously operate and perform various actions or functions, like playing a song or a video.

About MetaRepublix

Meta Republix forms relationships with Strategic Partners who then license or purchase the Company’s Intellectual Properties, technologies, and concepts to bring them to market.

The Meta Republix team consists of highly regarded, experienced & talented Blockchain Developers, Visionaries, Creators & Social Media & NFT Marketing experts.

Our Vision

The Company’s vision is to make Metaverse NFTs a new form of Digital Media – rich in interactive & reactive entertainment, gaming & lifestyle experiences - which engage & immerse both seasoned and new Users.

Innovative Metaverse

  • Meta Republix is developing innovative Metaverse Media projects incorporating their own proprietary MIM2 technologies with GameFi features.

    These projects utilize the latest Metaverse Web3 proprietary technologies & advanced new next-generation interactive NFTs (MIM2), which enable these new form NFTs to be interactive and reactive to voice, touch, sound and other MIM NFTs.


NFT Technology

Utilizing new Web3/NFT2.0 technologies, the Company is creating “utility” type “Metaverse GameFi Multi-Media” - NFTs, which are fluid, modifiable, interactive & reactive - digital media modules

Metaverse Media

This new type of Metaverse Media that the Company is creating, seamlessly integrates long form HD video, audio, text, and photographs - all packaged into an interactive & changeable NFT Shell.

“Changeable NFT Shell”

Each NFT Shell Will contain mixed-media modules that will be able to be updated and modified at anytime - even after the NFT has been minted

Gaming based Metaverse

The Company’s entertainment & gaming based Metaverse projects incorporate interactive mystery, magic & illusion concepts, which will be hosted & performed by well- known celebrities, Magicians and Illusionists

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